Single Cup Tilted Turner

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Our original Single Cup Tilting Turner. The tilt comes with an easy to use power switch to power on/off. You can cycle the power switch to change the direction that the turner shaft spins. Each Turner comes with 2 of our proprietary magnetic arms. The arms attach to the shaft with magnets for easy slide on/slide off with no more screwing/unscrewing arms. The arms can also be manually spun by hand very easily to align the custom piece to your desired spot. The Magnetic arms come standard 12” long to be cut down to fit your best insert. Noodles, Footballs and etc… The Single Tilting Turner is designed to be able to change the angle of the arm so you can do different tasks like Ombre, Glitter, and to apply vinyl. It will also set perfect 90 degrees for applying epoxy and curing. This is the perfect versatile turner for any tumbler customization.


An original MH Turner design. Patent Pending. 

 Dimensions 9" W x 12" T x 15" D
Shaft Height 10" above countertop
Shaft Rotation CW/CCW
Motor Voltage 110v
RPM 5/6