Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds or Cancelled Orders:

Once a order is created, our employees print the order out and get started on the manufacturing process. Each cancelled order has to be manually pulled from production queue. MH Turners has to charge a fair processing fee for all cancelled or refunded orders. 

How long does it take to receive my turner after I place an order?

Our average time to ship is around 2-3 weeks. During busy seasons we can back up a little longer. Our goal is to get you your product as soon as possible. 

What takes so long to receive my Turner?

We are a small family business that continually tries to improve our shipping times. We have invested into new equipment, adding onto our workshop and hiring more help. Due to demand, we haven’t been able to keep products on the shelf since pre-COVID. When we receive orders, each turner is built, painted, and assembled by hand. We then let each turner run a few hours for quality testing. We appreciate your patience.

The calculated shipping seems expensive, Is there anything I can try? 

Shipping most products through the post office (USPS) is generally more expensive than UPS. If you use a PO BOX, try inputting a close by friend or relatives address with a street address to get an option through UPS. If you still feel the shipping isn't calculated correctly, please contact us and we will verify the calculations. 

Which model turner would work best for me?

Everyone has different needs. Our most popular turner is the Single Tilting Turner. Most of our customers use the single tilting turner to customize each tumbler, and then they transfer the tumbler onto one of our larger turners like a 5 cup to start/finish curing. They then go back to the single cup turner to start their next customization.

Are your turners noisy?

No!  They are virtually silent. They are perfect for any setting.

I have an idea for a turner, can you custom build turners?

Yes!  We can build almost any configuration or custom designs. Please contact us and we will get you taken care of.

How do the arms attach to the turner?

There is a magnet inside of the arm that easily connects to the shaft on the turner. The arm can be in any position to slide on the shaft. They do not require lining pins or screwing onto a fitting. Our turners are the easiest to use on the market.

Can I use my existing inserts on MH Turners arms?

Absolutely! Our magnetic arms are made of ¾” PVC like most common DIY turner inserts. We specifically designed our turners to accept the most common types of inserts like foam footballs, noodles and other common materials. We also offer our own inserts designed specifically for different models of tumblers!

What model Tumblers/Cups fit on the Mini Turners?

Mostly every tumbler you currently customize with the full size turners will work on the Mini. The shaft height is 4.25 inches, so any tumbler variation less than 6 inches in total diameter should work with no issues. 

Can you ship outside of the USA?

We have shipped to many different countries around the globe; please contact us before placing an order to arrange shipping cost.

Do your turners come with a warranty?

Yes!  We use the highest quality material on the market to insure every turner lasts as long as possible. If you have an issue with a turner, contact us today and we will get you fixed up.

Can you order a turner with different speed options?

Our turners come standard with 5/6 RPM motors. We can put 2/3 speed motors if requested. Please contact us for custom options.

What are the dimensions on your turners?

Each variation of turners posted under the product page has the dimensions listed.

Do you wholesale turners to shops/ storefronts?

Contact us! We are usually very busy with customer orders but we would love to talk about opportunities.

My Single Tilt Turner loosened up, the arm falls loosely. Can this be fixed? 

Yes! Its very easy to fix this issue. Over time the tension often needs to be adjusted on the tilting turners. Contact us and we will send you a YouTube video clip on how to fix the problem with very basic tools.

What is the black screw knob for on the Single Tilting Turner? 

This knob is designed to use when you do not want to use the tilting feature. You set the turner to be a straight 90 degrees, then screw the knob into the socket to lock it.    

One of my shafts quit spinning on my turner, is there an easy fix? 

Yes! When this problem arises, the fix is generally super simple. Contact us and we send you the YouTube link and items that you need to get back to crafting.